Hand Drumming For Physical Health & Spiritual Well Being

Why does the sound of drumming invoke such a strong reaction deep within the human psyche?

Could it be that as drumming was the first music created by humans, it played an integral part in the psychological well being and quality of life of the individual and subsequently the early communities?

Why did it evolve into an essential part of community survival through solo and group healing, celebration, mourning, warfare, and worship rituals?

Could it be that it provided the link between physical and spiritual survival?

MindBodySpiritDrumming would like to share the joy and benefits of the age old art of hand drumming. We will present lessons for all experience levels using hand drumming approaches based on traditional multi-cultural origins and styles.

Richard Kashanski will lead you through the basics, and then on to more challenging patterns, and rhythmic studies.

His 50 + years as a world class symphonic percussionist, and composer qualifies him to teach. His life long passion for playing drums qualifies him to act as your guide on your musical journey.

You progress at your own pace, but you will be able to apply what you learn immediately. We look forward to your success and we would like to get you started as soon as possible, so please enjoy the free introductory lessons.

Please feel free to give us feedback, or just say hello, and let us know what you would like to learn more about.