Richard Kashanski was born at a very early age and each day, he has grown older, wiser and better. Well, at least he aspires to be so. He also fancies himself to be a Renaissance Man like one of his mentors Leonardo Da Vinci.

He believes a greater understanding of the Cosmos and how it functions can not be obtained from either a scientific or an artistic singular approach only. He lives to experience creative flow in both the arts and the sciences.

He is an avid student of both Cosmology and Quantum Physics as well as a New England Conservatory graduate in Percussion. Richard does not want to tell you of his past music laurels as he believes that his musicianship exists only in the here and now. You are only as good as the last note that you have played.

He has dedicated himself to always be both the teacher and the student. Thus he has much to teach as each day he really does grow older, wiser and better! The master never grows but the student never stops growing.

He believes that this is his connection to the God Source. A God Head not external or separate from us but one that resides within us all. We all have a small piece of this infinite intelligent creation consciousness as channeled from the Source. And since we all do, then…I am God, You are God and We all are God. A Mini-God resides in us all and everything that is, was and will be is an expression of God.

He believes in the pantheism that every thing is an expression of God’s great work as God resides in all things and even non-things. If you want to know what the very face of God looks like, then look into the mirror.

All this spiritual understanding that Richard has channeled from the Source, he likes to call Spiritual Realism; a belief system for non-believers. Yet all this profound understanding has made Richard very humble as he knows his creativity stems not from his brilliant and talented self but rather as Sourced from the other side where all truth, all music, all knowledge resides by not residing.

All endless ramifications of music, art, science with an infinite number of other etceteras exist forever suspended in the forever-on-going present of a timeless time. Without judgment of worthiness, it simply awaits for our beckon call to cross over and become part of our daily reality.

Richard basically considers himself a medium who can tap into the Source by getting his ego self out of the way by listening to that still small voice of his God Within.

In this website, you will experience the truth of this as his creative output is varied and diverse. Yet he believes the proof is in the pudding. So taste it for yourself and see if you like it.

Richard fancies himself to be a “Renaissance Man.” In the tradition of Leonardo Da Vinci, he daily practices his passion for both music (his art) and science.

He has just recently finished his book on Humanistic Cosmology….a new branch of science that combines both the spiritual arts and science together to prove the existence of the mind body and SPIRIT.

Hence the title for this website and the Spiritual Realism proven by the scientific method presented in this book. It uses no dogma, mythology or belief by “faith alone” to prove its scientific spiritual theories that help to explain our cosmos and how to open up our creative channels.

On this website is “Basic Life 101…the required course that was never even an elective.” This early book is much more understandable to the average Man and Wombman than is his book on Humanistic Cosmology. But for now only Basic Life 101 is on this website.

Richard’s career has spanned more than 60 years. He says his best work is yet to come. His comic song Gettin’ Olde’ Ain’t for Sissies should help prove this to you. Most all of Richard’s music is very “serious” and “intense” as is his “The Passion” of Christ…for solo viola and string orchestra percussion and piano.
Tune into this site again soon as the music for this and his “Pentatonic Rock” percussion ensemble will be available for free download soon.

Richard has been both a Hollywood cameraman for twenty years as well as timpanist and percussionist with many orchestras and bands. His three best gigs were percussionist with the Boston Pops under Arthur Fielder for ten years as well as timpanist for the Honolulu Symphony for fifteen years. He also was an LA Studio Musician for several years playing on many a Hollywood movie score.

Presently Richard plays trap set drums for a sixties revival band…. timpani for the UNLV Community Band….tablas for a local Kirtan Indian Music Band….Roland Handsonic Drums for his drum soloing….double pan steel drums for a Jamaican Band….leads Drum circles for people-kind here in his present home of Las Vegas…..is almost complete with the writing of “The Tao of the Drum”, a dumbek (or dum-tek-ka as he calls it based on the sounds that this drum creates) and djembe hand drumming instruction book…..plays dumbek on the Strip for tourists with an excellent electric violinist and a wombman singer/bellydancer.

Richard loves all aspects of drumming from classical to pop to avant-garde to free-form drumming with dance and chant. He has drum circles out on the desert dry lake bed and has attracted over 500 people to his event. It has become a poor man’s Burning Man as Richard does these events for the love of the drum and not of money.

He also wishes to re-establish what he calls the “VEGAS TRIBE.” Besides the family unit, we humans need the TRIBE relationship back in our lives.

In a world of an over-powering impersonal cyberspace, we need to play music, dance and sing with other “alive” human beings once again. We need to return to some IN-TO-ME-SEE rather than use all of our life force energies to power our career locomotive train race for more power and more money.

Let’s return to the profound joys of scientific discovery or of music composition and playing. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, let’s find ways to eliminate the menial in our lives and live a life of both artistic and scientific fulfillment.

Our individual human existence must have more purpose and meaning than to only EAT, POOP AND THEN DIE! We all have the same capacity for creative flow and accomplishment.

Let’s use and explore these creation abilities of ours even into the beyond the beyond….even past when the “fat lady sings” her song of physical dead transition for us all.”

Richard is in his 70s, but he daily exercises his divine creative child within. A child who has decided to once again PLAY MUSIC rather than WORK MUSIC as a job. He says he considers himself every day to be leading the “LIFE OF A BORN AGAIN VIRGIN”.

He loves to laugh and crack jokes and wishes to spend his remaining years following his life mantra of……TO FIND THE JOY IN EVERY MOMENT! He wears his tie-dyed T-Shirt daily (not the same one Praise God) and says he plays in a band named “GRATEFUL I’M NOT DEAD!”

For as said by Professor Keating in the movie, DEAD POETS SOCIETY….”CARPE DIEM”….SEIZE THE DAY!…for each of us are Master and Commander of our individual lives. So just like a Budweiser commercial of our TV past….”live your life with Gusto”!!!!!!!!…for Richard has decided to leave this planet ‘with a bang and not a wimp”!!!